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20 March 2016 @ 12:40 am
Coach (3)  

Pairing: Key/Onew
Rating: R/ NC-17 for language and.... stuff and things.
Genre: fluff, romance, AU.... that kinda thing.
Word Count: ....does anyone ever really care about word count? lol

A/N: sorry this is late! there was a lot that happened today.
....so anyways, kibum's a drag queen, and i'm beyond entertained with that idea. anyone else? lol
that's all from me for now. enjoy chapter 3. leave a comment so i know how you're liking the story, maybe?
kay, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

"Fuck, Jinki, just.... don't tease me," Kibum panted, his pupils blown and lips swollen and red from being bitten and kissed.
"I don't have the slightest idea of what you're talking about." Jinki lazily circled his tongue around the head of Kibum's cock in the opposite direction that his finger was circling Kibum's asshole. "Bend your knees more."
"Come on, baby, don't make me beg for it." Kibum bent his knees and rested his feet in the arch of Jinki's back, spreading his thighs wider.
Jinki smirked and dipped a slick finger back into Kibum just until the first knuckle and took the head of his dick into his mouth, then paused. He locked eyes with Kibum, and it was clear that Jinki had no intention of making this easy. Kibum bucked his hips to get more feeling, but Jinki just moved with him, making it impossible to get what he wanted. Jinki knew just what to do to torture him.
Jinki bobbed his head slowly then, and pumped his finger in time. He gave just enough sensation to cause Kibum to whine again. Jinki knew what that sound meant, and moved a little faster. He added a second finger, and tipped them upward just enough to brush Kibum's spot, causing a genuine moan. He released Kibum from his mouth while his fingers were still working.
"Say it."
"Say what, Jin- AAH!! There! More!" Kibum let his head tip back onto the pillow and panted as Jinki brushed his spot just slightly.
"You won't get more until you say it." Jinki licked the undershaft from base to tip slowly and dipped his tongue in the slit. He added a third finger as he took Kibum in his mouth again and bobbed his head at a decent pace. He brushed Kibum's spot fully now, causing more moans to escape from his throat.
"Oh god, Jinki, please. Please, please, please!" Kibum furrowed his eyebrows and tugged at Jinki's hair gently. "If you keep going, I'm gonna cum. Don't make me cum yet, please!"
Jinki slowly pulled his fingers out and released Kibum's dick with a lewd pop. He stood  "Say it."
"Give it to me, coach."

Kibum nearly had a heart attack as his alarm screeched from its perch across the room on his dresser. He cursed, turned off the alarm, stretched, then noticed that he was hard. He cursed again in frustration, because this is the 5th time he's had this kind of dream in 2 months. He never acutally got to the part where Jinki fucked him, and he didn't know if  he wanted to. He'd only known Jinki for 5 months, and has never seen him outside of work. this is inappropriate, kibum. you don't even know him like that. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair and walked to the bathroom to shower. He may or may not have jerked off to memories of his dreams.

Dressed in his red and navy blue striped polo, navy blue cardigan, jeans, and his red high tops, he sat in the cafeteria with his styrofoam container filled with 2 pieces of Miss Vickey's french toast, a scrambled egg, and fruit salad. He waited until Hyoyeon sat across him to open his container and start eating.
"So they're supposed to be moving our seats."
Kibum finished his bite before speaking. "Where?"
"Your side," she smirked.
"Yeah. Jen's team is moving to our side since they do Delaware, and we're moving to your side because we all do Pennsylvania."
"Fucking, YES. I need you to keep me in check. Jinki just moved to the cube across from me, and I can't handle it."
"Too much for you?"
"Girl. I keep having these dreams."
"Dreams? ....Like he's fucking you, kinda dreams?"
Kibum leaned in and began to speak quietly. "That's the thing! We never even get there! He toys with me in my dreams. Like he has his fingers in my ass and my dick in his mouth, and it's good, but it's torture because it's never enough, and he won't fuck me until I say it!"
Hyoyeon furrowed her eyebrows and cocked her head slightly to the right. "....Say what?"
"You cannot tell another soul about this or so help me Jesus, I'll cut out your tongue."
"Damn, ok! ....Violent as shit!" She had her hands up like he had a gun pointed at her.
"He won't fuck me," he said just above a whisper, "until I say, give it to me, coach. Then I always wake up when I say it." He stuffed his mouth with more syrup drenched french toast as he blushed.
"Give it to me, coach? Really?!"
"Shut the fuck up, Hyoyeon."
"Why don't you just ask him out and quit playing around?" She took another bite of her oatmeal and reached for Kibum's coffee.
"I don't even know if he likes guys. That's mine. Yours is right there." He pointed to the starbucks cup with 'YoYon' scribbled on it.
She took a swig of his coffee and set the tumbler between them. "You never know until you ask him about it. You don't always have to keep the conversation limited to work stuff, and I know it's yours. Starbucks tastes like shit, but I didn't have time to make coffee this morning. Dean came over last night."
Kibum rolled his eyes and drank the last of his coffee before rounding on her. "Did you lock that fine ass bastard down yet, or is he still fuckin' with that other girl? I'll surely tell him ALL about himself, and his momma too, if you want. A bitch will fuck him up, you hear me?" He snapped his fingers in time with the emphaszed words and arched his eyebrow.
"Don't pull your drag queen out on me. It's.... complicated with him, and you know it," she said with a sad tone to her voice.
"I don't want to see you hurting like this, Yeonnie. You deserve so much better than him. He's sexy and all, but he's not worth this. He either needs to let that other girl go, or you need to let him go."
"I know, Key. Thank you. Now if I could have Kibum back, that'd be great. It's not like you're doing much better in the relationship department, mister 'i can't talk to the guy I like because he's too much'."
"Ooh, low blow," Kibum said, finishing up the last of his fruit. "I'll talk to him if I see him outside of work."
"Sure you will," Hyoyeon retorted with a smirk. "Sure."


"Thank you for calling United Healthcare, my name is Kibum, and who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?" Kibum had a hint of annoyance in his voice as he answered the call. seriously, who calls the insurance company at 4:58 on a friday?! i have to get home and get my shit together for this show tonight!
Kibum tapped his fingers along the letters of the keyboard, finishing up the note for this half an hour call.
"You're still here?"
Kibum nearly jumped out of his seat when that sweet, baritone voice creeped into his ears.
"Jinki, you almost made me have a heart attack! Jesus! I'm just about to leave. I got stuck on this damn call that came in at 4:58 of all times. Serioulsy, why does she have so many kids, and how did you possibly lose all of their ID cards?" He rolled his eyes and closed down his programs.
"Welcome to UHC," Jinki chuckled. "Are you going to Cruze tonight?"
"I'm performing."
"Ah. Well, I was gonna tell you that there's a drag show tonight, but you'll already be there."
"Are you asking me out, Jinki?" Kibum joked.
"Would you be opposed to the idea?"
wait, what the hell is happening? is he serious? and is he like.... asking me out as friends, co-workers, a date thing?
"Wait, are you serious?"
"Yeah, I'm serious. Why wouldn't I be? Log off already. It's 5:38."
"Fuck, I gotta get home and get ready." He logged off his computer, grabbed his bag and tumbler and stood from his chair. "Where are you parked?"
"On 2. Why?"
"Me too. Walk with me," Kibum said as he pushed his chair in and headed toward the elevator.
Jinki pushed the call button and leaned against the wall. "Jinki, what's this about?"
"Well, I'd like to hang out as friends before I start thinking about dating you, Kibum. All you ever talk to me about is work stuff. You're cute and all, but I know nothing about you other than you do your job well, then go home. Oh, and that you do drag."
"Where is this coming from? I'm so confused."
"Hyoyeon said-"
"I fuckin' bet," Kibum cut him off. He sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. "How much did she tell you?"
The elevator door opened, and Jinki motioned for Kibum to get on first. Jinki's signature smell snaked into his nose as he brushed past him, and Kibum flashed back to his recurring dream. He ducked his head, partially in thanks and partially to hide the blush that stained his face and neck.
Jinki waited until the elevator doors closed to speak again, and Kibum was greatful for the time to try to rid himself of the blush. "She just told me that you have a crush on me and was too scared to say anything."
"I'm gonna kill her. I know where she sleeps."
"The violence is real with you, isn't it? She told me about that too. Why is it a bad thing that she told me?" Jinki was clearly entertained at Kibum's embarassment.
"Neither of us knew if you like guys, which is a yes since you told me that I was cute, and on top of that, I wanted to talk to you about this outside of work if I ever see you, and it's none of her business!" Kibum exited the elevator before Jinki when the doors opened, and rounded the corner toward the door. Jinki was right at his side, and Kibum caught his scent again. He bit his cheek to stop himself from asking why he smelled so good.
"Well, now that issue is cleared."
"That's not the only issue."
"There's something else?"
"You're like.... my boss and stuff. I don't wanna be like.... that guy, you know."
"First, I'm not your boss. I do the same shit you do. I've just been doing it longer. Second, who's that guy?"
They climbed the stairs and walked into the parking lot, the cold September wind tousling their hair.
"Nevermind. So obviously I can't hang out tonight because I have a show. Maybe we can grab a drink sometime?"
"That was an abrupt change," Jinki chuckled. "I'll be at the show. We can talk more then." He unlocked his car and threw his backpack in the back seat. "I'll have a screaming orgasm waiting for you."
"Don't make promises you can't keep, Jinki," Kibum said with an amused lilt in his voice as he walked past Jinki toward his car. He had no idea where this bravery to flirt came from, but from how Jinki was rendered speechless, he wondered if he should play frogger on the freeway or find out if that was a good move.
Kibum was just about to drop into the driver's seat when Jinki yelled "I was talking about the drink!"
"I wasn't." Kibum pushed again, and decided that flirting was good. Jinki's face couldn't have been that red from the cold wind alone.

Key strolled into the club with her suitcase in tow, and she waved to a few friends at the front bar.
"Hey, gorgeous. You look damn fine tonight. Can I have a hug?"
"Thanks, Terry," she said opening her arms to the shorter man. "I'm still not gonna let you fuck me," she said into his ear.
"An old man can dream, right?" He let his stubby fingers rake along her arms as she pulled back, causing her to cringe.
She grabbed her bag and walked toward her friends. "A dream is all you'll get, honey," she threw over her shoulder with a wave when she was far enough to have to speak loudly, letting everyone in on what was happening.
"Look at you, already dressed. Running late?" Ronnie slid a glass filled with her signature drink to her, and she smiled in return.
"Yeah. I got stuck at work. Thank you." Key tipped the class back and drained it in 3 gulps.
"Damn, girl! Slow up! Bad day?"
"Not really, just nervous."
"Why? A man?"
"No...." Kibum lied.
"Who is it? Coach?"
"Did Hyoyeon tell you too?! Jesus fucking CHRIST, I'm going to kill her! Yes, coach. He's gonna be here later, and he wants to have a drink."
"Do tell!"
"I can't. I gotta change. Showtime in 15 minutes. I'll call you."
"Oh, no you don't, miss ma'am. I'm coming back there with you, and you're telling me everythng."

Key danced around the stage, collecting tips from people in the crowd, when a familiar hand caught her eye. She walked over to the person that hand belonged to, and as she grabbed the money in it, she leaned in until that person couldn't deny that she was lip-synching directly to him. She mouthed along with the words and let the corners of her mouth tip up at the chorus. 'cause sometimes, all I wanna do is be touched. All I wanna do is be loved. All I wanna do is be touched, so touch me."

When Kibum walked up to the back bar, he didn't notice Jinki sitting on the stool next to him until a cold drink nudged his pinky finger.
"You weren't kidding when you said you'd have it waiting for me."
"Not at all. I figured you'd want one after all that dancing, which you're amazing at, by the way." Jinki took a swig of his beer and turned fully to face Kibum. "You took your make up off."
"Yeah. I usually don't do that here because I can never get my face clean enough with make up wipes, but I wanted to talk to you without Key hanging around."
"You talk like she's her own person."
"She is in a way. When I become her, I feel like I'm different.... more confident."
"I noticed. Especially when you stared me down and sang that line to me."
"I couldn't help myself. You were watching so closely. This is yours, by the way." Kibum slid the five dollar bill to Jinki.
"Why are you giving this back? Isn't this what you do drag for?"
"No. Sure, the money is nice and all, but I do it to express myself."
"But you haven't given anyone else their money back."
"Well, I'm not interested in them."
"So you only give money back to people you're into?"
"And friends."
"Which one am I?"
"Both, I guess." Kibum finished the rest of his drink and signaled to the bartender for another.
"Ok then, friend. How about you come to this little party I'm having tomorrow. It's just gonna be a few friends. Hyoyeon and Ronnie are gonna be there."
"Sure. What's the occasion?"
"None. I just wanted an excuse to play rockband and hang out with a few friends."
"....so this is gonna be a huge party, then," Kibum said more as a statement than a question.
"Not at all. It's seriously only gonna be like 8 people including you, me, and Hyoyeon."
"Maybe," Kibum said with a smirk and sipped his drink. "So tell me about you."

They talked until the lights came on and the DJ announced that it was closing time.
"So see you tomorrow?" Jinki smiled, and there was no way that Kibum could possibly say no.
"Sweet." Jinki wrapped his arm around Kibum's waist in an awkward half-hug, and that fucking smell invaded his nose for the third time that day.
why the hell does he smell so damn good? Kibum asked himself as he wrapped his arm around Jinki's waist to return the hug. All too soon, the hug was over, and Kibum was left sitting on the barstool alone.

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haaruhiii: jjong-sm balladhaaruhiii on March 20th, 2016 08:16 pm (UTC)
The beginning got me bad lol i was like whaaat i don't remember leaving chapter 2 at this note hahaha anyways i really like this story and i like that they are taking the time to get to know each other. Jinki is cool. Hyoyeon is a sneaky bitch. I didn't think she would tell jinki. Well that worked out well eventually so it's ok i guess. I can't wait for the next part. You are doing a really good job with this story. Thank you~

P.S what happened today? Are you ok?

P.Ss drag queen kibum is life ♡

Edited at 2016-03-20 08:18 pm (UTC)
soondubujigaekibum412 on March 22nd, 2016 12:04 am (UTC)
ah ha ha! the dream bomb worked! XD
hyoyeon is that friend that deserves a punch in the neck sometimes, but she's incredibly lovable. i think we'll keep her. lol
i'm glad you're enjoying the story. i'll work hard to make it a good read.
i already have so much planned for jinki and kibum. just you wait :)
thank you for reading <3

p.s. i'm alright. i just had a lot of errands and cleaning to do. adulting is not fun.
also, drag key is everything!