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12 March 2016 @ 11:45 pm
Coach (2)  

Pairing: Key/Onew
Rating: R/ NC-17 for language and.... stuff and things.
Genre: fluff, romance, AU.... that kinda thing.
Word Count: ....more than 200. idk.

A/N: i probably should've said that i will post every saturday. i work all week, so weekends are the only free time i have. also, the formatting is gonna change. i don't like the way the last one looked.
anywho, i promise things will start happenng soon. there's a lot that still has to happen.
....i don't know what else to say now, so BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Dressed in his blue v-neck sweater, white button down, grey skinny jeans, and blue boots, Kibum strolled into the cafeteria at work. He'd woken up half an hour before his alarm had gotten the chance to annoy him, so he decided to get ready and go in early to get some food from the cafeteria.
"Good morning, Miss Vickey," he said with a smile as he locked eyes with the older black woman behind the grill.
"Good mornin', baby! How are you?"
"Hungry. Can I have the southwest omlette with a piece of texas toast, please? How are you? Feeling better?"
Vickey smiled at him as she moved to make his food. "I'm good. Don't worry your pretty little head about me, now."
"I can't not worry about you. Can I get 2 sausage links with that too, please?"
"You are hungry today, aren't you?"
"Yes, ma'am. I forgot to eat dinner last night. What did the doctor say?"
She ignored his question completely and eyed him like he'd just been caught committing a crime. "How in the hell did you forget to eat dinner?! Where's yo mama?"
"At work right now, probably."
"You know what I meant, son. She doesn't cook for you?
"When I visit her, she does. I live alone."
"You need a babysitter, child," she said as she shook her head and flipped the omlette perfectly. "Poor boy can't even remember to feed himself proplerly. Looks like he couldn't put up a fight with the wind."
"I'm not that skinny, Miss Vickey! I think I could win if I had to fight the wind." He flexed his muscles comically, causing her to laugh loudly as she put his omlette into the styrofoam container with his sausage and toast.
"Boy, you could turn sideways and disappear. Come to my house. I'll feed ya like we were in the south. Put some meat on them bones."
He laughed as he collected his ticket and container. "Just tell me when. I'll be there with a bib and sweatpants."
"I love you, little Bummie. Call me, huh?"
"Of course. I can't forget my second mommy."
"Alright, now."
He'd only known Miss Vickey for 6 weeks, but their little interactions made for a great relationship. He loved her vibrant personality and the motherly spirit he felt from her.

As he was taking another bite of his delicious omlette, Hyoyeon plopped into the seat across from him, mouth already full of toast.
"Girl, let me tell you what's going down tonight."
He raised his eyebrow in question because he was polite and refused to talk with his mouth full unless it was absolutely necessary.
"The queen you don't like is performing."
He swalllowed. "What?" His tone was more of a statement than a question.
"I just got the submission last night."
"....Well you're DJing, right? Can't you like.... lose the file?"
"She's still gonna be there, Bum. There's nothing I can do."
"That bitch still owes me $25 bucks from when I performed at Chatham for her."
"I know."
"It's not the money. It's the principle of the thing!"
"I know."
"Hyoyeon, I can't be in the same room with her."
"Bum, there's only one dressing room."
He sighed. "Fine. What's the run down?"
"I don't know. They have a different stage manager tonight, and we're supposed to be there at 9 to go over things."
"Alright. If I go to jail, bail me out."
"Please, Kibum. You're not about to go to jail. You can't even stand taking your shirt off in front of me, let alone shitting, pissing, showering, and sharing underwear with other men."
"Ugh.... I can't even think about it. That thought alone almost makes me want to stop eating.... almost. I swear I'm gonna kidnap that woman and make her my personal chef. Seriously, how does she do this to me? It's like.... sex."
"For a man that looks like he can wear a ring as a belt, you sure do love food."
"I'm NOT that SKINNY!!"

"Alright, class. This is the last time you'll see this room unless you come down and visit me or become a coach. You all have done so well, and I believe you're gonna go up there and kill it on the phones. It's 3 now, so let's go see where your desks are." Shelley had tears in her eyes and pride in her voice.
Kibum adored the tiny blonde woman. She was so sweet.
He hoped Hyoyeon was seated close to him even though they were on different teams. She had grown to be closer than they were in college in the last 6 weeks, and he needed her near. They operated on the same wavelength, from their basic thoughts to the most complex.
All 15 of the newbies collected their notes, and as a group moved from the training room to the elevators.
"Alright," Amy said, "Dawn and Miki's team, come with me and Jinki."
"Veronica and Jen's team with Shelley and me," Vanessa said.

The groups rode the elevator to the top floor of the building, and quietly stood, waiting to be shown where their desks would be.
"Veronica's team, follow me," Shelley said. Four of them went to the right side.
"Jen's team, with me." Three of them followed her to the left as well.
"Dawn's team," Shelley said, waving them to the right. Another four went with her.
"I guess it's just us," Jinki said with a smile that made the room just a little.... a lot brighter. "Miki's awesome. She was in my training class. She's really easy going as long as you do what you're supposed to."
He led them to the right and back into the corner.

Kibum's desk faced the window with his back to the aisle, across from Miki, Aaron, and Julie. He didn't like his back to the aisle. He was jumpy, and tended to freak out when people came up behind him. Hyoyeon was so far away, and he didn't know what to talk to the others about. He was settled on quietly arranging his belongings in the desk when a clean, warm, masculine scent flled his nostrils, and a warm, gentile hand rested on his right shoulder.
"You ready to set up your computer?" Jinki's warm voice was like a fleece blanket in the middle of winter.
I'd do anything you want, Kibum thought to himself.
"What was that?"
Kibum blanched. He did not just say that out loud. "Sure," he said to cover his mistake.

Kibum's uber pulled up to the bar, his wigs still in his bag with his outfits for the night and his heels. All he did before he left is put on the face. He strolled into the bar and greeted the older man on the bar stool in front of the register.
"Hey, Terry." Kibum's tone was flat and bored as he rolled his suitcase toward the main room of the bar.
"Good to see you, gorgeous," Terry said with a wink and a smile creepy enough to be considered a sex offender on it's own.
"Still not gonna let you fuck me, Terry," He tossed over his shoulder as he rounded the corner and headed toward the dressing room.
In Kibum's defense, Terry hits on any man under the age of 30, and only wants him because he hasn't had him yet. Kibum's not interested in men old enough to be his father, and Terry was pushing grandpa status.

"Oh shit! Tonight's gonna be HOT!"
"Angelique muthafuckin YOUNG. Where have you been?!" Kibum put his bag in the corner and opened his arms to his friend.
"Girl, I'm still Ronnie right now," he laughed. "My dick's still where it's supposed to be. I just got back from Boston. Why didn't you tell me you were performing tonight?" Ronnie settled into Kibum's arms and squeezed tightly.
"Your number changes every 5 minutes. I don't know which 'Ronnie' is the right number."
"537-2416," Ronnie said as he let go and turned toward his bag.
"You say that like I have my phone in my hand." Kibum rolled his eyes. "What songs are you doing tonight?"
"Well since it's k-pop night, I'm doing Electric Shock and Sign. What are you doing?"
"24 hours and Alone."
"Yaaaass, mama. Gettin the sex all up in this bar."
"Well, you know...." Kibum flipped hair that wasn't there yet, and turned to get dressed.

Kibum had his back turned to the door, smoothing down the tight black leggings he had on when he heard two soft knocks on the door.
"I'm not naked," he said loud enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear.
Angelique laughed and invited the person in.
"Hey, ladies. I know you're not used to me, but I'm gonna be your stage manager for tonight. I'm Jinki."
Kibum whipped his head around, and his eyes rivaled dinner plates when he heard the voice.
"Jinki?! What are you doing here?!"
"You're Key?!"
"That would be me," he responded with a smirk. "You've seen me before?"
"Quite a bit, actually."
is that a blush? he can't be blushing right now, he thought. There's no way this man is blushing.
"You two know each other?" Angelque's voice interrupted Kibum's thoughts.
"Yeah. We work together. He's my coach."
"I'm just another rep. I've just been there longer, and I like helping out the noobs," Jinki said.
"Noobs," Kibum scoffed.
"Anyway, here's the line up. Jade, Key-"
"You are not putting me after that bitch."
"I didn't do it! Kierra put it like this."
Key arched her eyebrow and cocked her hip. "Fix this. I don't want to cross paths with that non-paying, low budget, can't take time to learn the words to the song she's doing, can't find the right shade of makeup from the dollar store lookin'-"
"Girl! Calm down. He didn't do it!"
Key calmed down and Angelique's words. "Sorry, Jinki. I just don't like her."
"I gathered. She's not here yet, so I can change it. Hang on." He left for a few minutes, then came back. He took out a pen and drew three arrows on the line up sheet. "There. Now it's Jade, Dylan, Chance, Angelique, Kierra, Key, Skylar, Jade, Chance, Dylan, Angelique, Skylar, Kierra, and then Key. How's that?"
"I can deal with that," Key said as she ran her fingers through the wig she had on.
Jinki put his pen back in his pocket and smiled. "Okay, great. I'll leave you to finish getting ready. If you need anything, find me."

The show went off smoothly, and Kibum never had to cross paths with Jade, which is always a good thing. The bartender served him his usual, and he sipped it lightly so that he didn't smear his lipstick too much.
"White Russian?"
"No. It's a screaming orgasm," Kibum said, taking another sip.
Jinki laughed and leaned against the bar. "You would."
"How do you know I would? You just see me at work."
"I'm more observant than I am vocal."
"That can be taken in many ways, Jinki."
"Take it how you will."
no you don't, mister, Kibum thought. don't start something you can't finish, you sexy son of a bitch. i'll put it all the way on you.

That Monday, Kibum took his fourth call of the day. It was something that training didn't teach him. He raised his hand after politely asking to put the member on hold, and waited for Jinki to come to him.
"What's up Kibum?"
"I have a member that has a prior authorization for this medication, and it's still not going through.
Jinki smiled and leaned over him, and Kibum just about melted. His smile dropped, and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Kibum swore he did actually melt at that.
"Do me a favor," Jinki said, standing up. "Ask the member if you can call her back, then go into project time."
"O-ok." He did what JInki asked, and turned around. "What now?"
"Come with me, and bring the member ID."

This situation happened four more times that week, and it was the running joke of their class that Kibum was the target for extreme calls. He had worked hard, though, and at the end of their 'on the job' training week, he had gotten 3 complment calls, and the recognition of the district supervisor.
"Congratulations, Kibum! Three compliment calls this week! That's something to be proud of!" Shelley beamed at him from the chair she was sitting in, and Kibum wanted to crawl into a hole.
"Please don't," he said. He blushed and covered his face. "I'm just doing my job, that's all."

Everyone filed out of the room from their final meeting before they were released to the floor without the coaches. Kibum was the second to last out of the room, followed by Jinki.
"I know you don't lke being in the spotlight unless you're in drag, but congrats, man. Seriously. You're really good. I've never gotten three compliment calls in a week, let alone my first week on the floor." Jinki, who was walking by his side at that point, put an arm around Kibum's shoulders and smiled at him.
"T-uh-thank you. I'm just doing what I was taught, that's all. I had a great coach." He smiled back with pink cheeks and clammy palms. "See you Monday."
"I'll be here. Message me if you need help."

They parted ways, and Kibum was slightly relieved. Jinki just smelled like a mix of clean laundry, almonds, and dreams, and Kibum couldn't handle any of it. Jinki's smile melted Kibum from the inside out, and all he wanted to do is lock Jinki away and find out if all of him smelled this good.
he's going to ruin me. i bet he's not even interested in guys, Kibum thought as he walked through the upper lot to his car.

His dreams that night were filled with thick fingers, honey brown hair, and a smile that could create world peace. Kibum was definitely in trouble.

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haaruhiii: jjong-sm balladhaaruhiii on March 14th, 2016 06:12 pm (UTC)
Nghhh I'm loving this. Drag queeeeen! Can't wait for more~
soondubujigaekibum412 on March 16th, 2016 12:06 am (UTC)
i'm excited to write more!
there's just so much that's in store.
thank you for commenting :)