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29 February 2016 @ 07:47 pm
Title: Masquerade
Author: trani_s
Rating: R
Pairing: Onkey
Lenght: 8000+ words
Summary: For Jinki, working at a Starbucks café was fun, often punctuated by the glare of the people he unintentionally misspelled the names or of those he purposely did. The laughs, the frowns, the smiles he sent, interacting with each curious customers daring giving him fake names.
But they were nothing compared to one particular customer. The one with the smirk, the playful attitude and the dazzling beauty. His Batman, his Sailor Moon, his Puff Daddy. The one he was eager to discover the identity. The one who seems determined not giving him what he wanted. And the one amused by the little game.

Note: Based on the tumblr prompt : “You give me a different fake name every time you come into the Starbucks and I just want to know your real name because you are cute but here I am scrawling “Batman” onto your stupid cappuccino”.